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Enjoying and Making Use of Peaceful Waters

Relaxation: Getting one of the biggest benefits from Peaceful Waters, relaxation, is one of the easiest. Just sit down for ten or fifteen minutes and watch the water. If you can arrange to have that time to yourself undisturbed, all the better, although the relaxing effects of watching and listening to the water will still occur, even though conditions may not be the best.

Relaxed breathing is a natural result of watching Peaceful Waters. Shortly after you start watching and listening, you will notice that you are breathing deeper and at a regular, more natural, rate. One of the effects of tension is that we breathe shallowly, even holding our breath without being aware of it; we do this when we are fearful or panicked and our bodies respond to this breathing pattern by increasing tension and stress. A few minutes of the PW video helps us restore our regular breathing, and this helps us to reduce tension. There is no need to practice deep breathing techniques, for most viewers, natural breathing will return within a few minutes while watching PW… and this will last for sometime after you stop watching.

There are many benefits to be gained from a few minutes of relaxation. Our ability to cope with the normal stresses of everyday life is improved. Our thinking process is enhanced. And our emotions are calmer and more balanced. One of the results being reported by some viewers is the lowering of their blood pressure. This makes sense, because tension is one of the factors in high blood pressure (hypertension). Peaceful Waters won't cure hypertension, make you smarter, or resolve emotional problems, but it can help you have a better life experience in these and many other areas.

Meditation: Peaceful Waters was designed to be a useful aid to those folks who want to spend time in a meditative space. This is the reason that there are a few sequences that have been computer enhanced to create imagery that is extraordinary, and a few sequences that are a little less peaceful than others. When meditating with a visual aid, especially something as visually active as video, it is important for the viewer to remain in an active meditative space; zoning out is not meditation, and it is destructive of the true meditative space.

Peaceful Waters makes it easier to achieve a meditative space, and once there, these slightly different sequences provide just enough texture to help the mediator stay actively within their meditation. For these same reasons, the sound also has texture and variation… it is not just a loop of some quiet little brook, but rather a unique blending of brooks, streams, rivers and other sources, such that every second of the soundtrack is individually matched to the imagery and is never repeated.

Sleep Easier, Sleep Better: Viewing a few minutes of Peaceful Waters just before going to bed can result in an easier time getting to sleep, and better, more refreshing sleep. Playing the video in a child's room will usually send the child straight to slumberland. Choose a favorite segment and watch just 5-15 minutes before retiring, you will be pleasantly rewarded for the time spent.

This is an area where the CD really shines. Playing the CD at low volume in your sleeping area just about ensures that you will ease into sleep, sleep longer and wake well rested. The brook and stream sounds are quite effective, and the variations in the sound provide the subconscious with just enough stimulation to keep it engaged and calm, and so keeping it from waking you. The water sounds also act like kinder and gentler white noise, softening or masking other sounds that might intrude on your sleep.

Lower Blood Pressure
"The first time I watched your beautiful video, my pressure reading dropped 12 points. After a few weeks, it was consistently 20-25 points lower. Thanks so much." Carl R. ~ Spokane, WA

Sleep Easier & Better
"I was using Peaceful Waters to help me get to sleep when it occurred to me to play it for my two and four year olds. They loved the video, and both dropped off in no time." ~ Joyce G., Fresno, CA

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