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A Personal Need to Relax and Reduce Stress

I suffer from diabetes and hypertension. My blood pressure runs 190/120 or higher without medication. Hello, welcome to the Peaceful Waters web site. When I was diagnosed three years ago, I was motivated to create a video that would help me in reducing my stress level, aid lowering my blood pressure and encourage me to relax and breathe.

In the late 1980s, I became interested in the use of video to enhance the human environment and experience. I produced, and briefly marketed, a video that incorporated images and moving water. Circumstances, and my own critical review of that video, halted further development. In the intervening fifteen years, Please Click to Order Peaceful Waters I developed my craft with imagery, sound and video, while gaining substantial knowledge about how visual and auditory media influence both mind and body. The result of over a year of production is the Peaceful Waters DVD and CD available on this site.

There were three goals under consideration in the making of PW. First, it had to provide a good level of relaxation. Next, I wanted it to work for people who were seeking a visual/audio aid to meditation. And third, it should be useable as an aid to easier and better sleep. From all accounts, the resulting video accomplishes these goals. The types of shots, their order in the video, and the soundtrack, all play important parts in achieving a video that works for all three goals. One of the most important aspects is that none of the video sequences or the soundtrack repeat themselves. Each second of the viewing and listening experience is unique... and yes, your mind knows the difference.

It is because of those three goals that the decision was made to use only the real sound of water moving through its natural environment. There is no music to distract from the power of the water, and the sound is not looped, but continuosly new. With music, any individual might like or dislike any particular section. With only the natural sound of water, such distractions are eliminated, much to the benefit of the viewer/listener.

If you are looking for an easy way to relax, need to sleep better, or just want to generally reduce stress, please give Peaceful Waters a try. The unique imagery and natural sound will carry you into a calm, restful place in just minutes. And if you aren't completely satisfied, I'll refund the full purchase price.

"I had barely started playing Peaceful Waters when I noticed that I was breathing deep, slow breaths. Thank you so much." ~ Kerry H. - Massage Practioner - Veradale, WA

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